237 employees

ISO9001 and “High Tech Company”

The factory at Concept Manufacturing in China is entirely geared to production and is managed by François Caillou (CEO of Concept Manufacturing Europe) and Dan Blom (CEO of Concept Manufacturing USA).

Located near Qingdao with easy access to the port, it covers 8000m2 and employs 237 people divided between the textile and plastics departments and the administrative offices (see “Our Production Units” section).

The plant also boasts the most efficient equipment so as to offer dedicated and personalized services: laboratory analyses, controlled atmosphere parts, prototyping, etc. (See “Our Services & Integrated Solutions” section).

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Our production site at Concept Manufacturing China has been designed with respect for people and the environment. Working conditions are harmonious and comfortable, and the ethics principles of the company are in line with our eco-citizen credo.

The plant is ISO9001 and “High Tech Company” certified, a very demanding Chinese label attesting to a high degree of technology and exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility performance.