Concept Manufacturing Europe has a storage space of 5800m2, adjacent to the offices, and within proximity to the Port of Le Havre, which simplifies the transport of containers from China and Asia.

This dedicated storage space allows us to propose storage for customers, according to previously defined procedures. It is intended for products for which customers do not have an immediate need.

Eight people, including two logistics assistants, forklift truck operators and order pickers, report to the supply chain manager, and also include a procurement assistant and a quality department.

Information therefore flows seamlessly and permanently within this department, with goods entry and exit schedules being grouped together under the same responsibility.

About 8000 monthly consignments shipped

Purchasing & shipments

The French logistics team receives about ten containers per month and it also ships about 8000 monthly consignments.

The warehouse is secure and under video surveillance to ensure customer products and the company’s product ranges are fully protected.

Four forklift truck operators and four order pickers, under the responsibility of the storage manager, manage the warehouse in China.

This team prepares and ships an average of 30 to 35 containers per month, mostly 40 feet, plus about 20 monthly shipments, representing LCLs (incomplete containers grouped with other commodities).

This same warehouse in China receives about 15 tons per month of tooling/plastics machinery and 90 tons of textile raw materials.

*Less than Containers Load


The FIFO method (First In, First Out) is applied jointly in both storage areas in order to fully harmonize stock management.

Concept Manufacturing Europe can naturally rely on its storage area in China as a buffer zone waiting for departures or as temporary storage.

Automation projects and the demand for modern and efficient warehousing are essential at both sites.