34 employees

Normandy-based Concept Manufacturing Europe, with its strategic access to the port of Le Havre, benefits from this key location, not far from Paris, spread over 7000m2 of office and warehouse space.

A workshop and an organized and equipped Quality department complete the sales and logistics teams.

The R&D, design, communication and marketing departments make up Concept Manufacturing Europe, as well as a legal monitoring and intellectual property department.

Under the management of François Caillou, a total of 34 people drive the dynamism of Concept Manufacturing Europe, guaranteeing the highest quality, confidentiality and personalization for our customers. This is also thanks to the Chinese plant through the production chain and services it provides, such as: fast production batches, the understanding of needs, the sharing of ideas, the exchange on technical solutions, monitoring, etc. Everything we do is to achieve customer satisfaction and to deliver tailor-made solutions.