Thanks to its extensive experience and its unique positioning as a designer and manufacturer, thanks to its own factory and integrated support services, Concept Manufacturing offers its professional and general public customers the opportunity to produce their branded products in full compliance with their requirements and constraints.

Guaranteeing impeccable quality, reliable deadlines, state-of-the-art technologies, customers are certain to benefit from the best advice and all the help they need, whether it be in pure creation, adapting product ranges, product development, marketing, communication, legal advice, etc., all this with absolute respect for strict confidentiality.

Concept Manufacturing provides its Private Label customers with all its experience in plastics and mold making, metallurgy and textiles, woven or non-woven.

Our production bases are located in Qingdao, China, and work permanently with our French and American decision-making centers.
There are three main divisions dispatched over the same geographical site: Tools & Equipment (plastics and metalworking), knitted/woven Textiles and non-woven Textiles.