Professionals close to clients

Concept Manufacturing Europe allocates a sales team of twelve people to serve its customers, supported by six sales assistants.

The Sales department supervises and promotes the segmented sales forces in several sectors : national professional, export professional, GSA, Private Label products.

The sector managers are based in the heart of their regions so as to take advantage of being geographically close to guarantee better reactivity and to know perfectly the characteristics of their distributor customers.

Unique services

As true leaders in their sectors, trainers and essential technical support agents, regional managers act as a link between user customers, distributors and Concept Manufacturing.

In addition to the usual information on products and ranges, they offer customers a wide range of services relating to personalized training, detailed technical reviews, analysis and satisfaction of each need, however specific it may be.

As each customer is unique, his relationship with our sales forces must also be unique. It is this positioning which sets Concept Manufacturing apart in its very strong relationship with its customers.

Our sales force dedicated to private brands, advises its clients at en early stage on their products developments and helps formalizing their needs.

Sales managers are supported by related services of Concept Manufacturing, including the production facility, offering innovative technical optimizations.

Therefore, they provide all the required expertise in all the fields likely to help clients : products and packagings design, communication, intellectual property, marketing, logistics, etc…