Quality is at the heart of all the company’s stakeholders

Main focus

Quality is at the heart of all the company's stakeholders, in all positions, whatever they may be.

The Quality Department's mission is to also make sure that everyone in the company is fully aware of the importance of quality than simply to carry out checks.

Training is therefore provided for all the company's stakeholders on an ongoing and comprehensive basis.

16 people inspect the online productions while advising the workers on a daily basis in the Chinese factory, in order to supervise this dynamic and to ensure its proper implementation. 7 other people work in the Quality administrative department to ensure the research, control and monitoring of the best raw materials and the most reliable suppliers.

Control during production

Understandably these people also carry out the physical quality control of incoming goods and outgoing finished products, in addition to the online controls carried out during production.

This ensures optimal quality for products, finishing touches, packaging, cartons, etc.

The Chinese Quality Department works closely with its French and American counterparts, who provide it with customer specifications, as well as all the details and needed requirements. The Quality departments constantly communicate on a daily basis and understand each other perfectly thanks to the latest media, such as videoconferencing, which is a reliable and fast way to ensure clear and precise coordination.

Visits are also organized on a regular basis between actors from different countries in order to further strengthen this link and nurtures "working better together".

Control upon receipt

When the products arrive in France, the Quality department also carries out the necessary controls and tests to ensure that the articles are optimally matched to customer specifications.

These are meticulous tests, for example the resistance and conformity of tools, size, weight, color, finishing touches, etc. These also apply to textile products, before and after washing and drying.

These systematic controls are managed and analyzed in a database that is also used to cross-reference quality information with our Chinese counterparts. Some results should, as a matter of principle, correspond to those of others, since the test procedure has been harmonized between the two entities.

In France the Quality group is made up of 4 people, 2 of whom are involved in the physical quality control of all incoming goods.