The “Netman” company grew successfully over time and Mr. Caillou’s two sons subsequently joined him to continue to drive the company forward.

Knowing the needs of agents in the cleaning tools market, thanks to his experience at “Netman” in 1998, Mr François Caillou, the eldest son of Mr Jean-Claude Caillou, set up “Concept Microfibre” to distribute cleaning and maintenance products in the French B2B market.

The textiles distributed by “Concept Microfibre” center on microfiber technology and right from the very first steps of the company the tools are ergonomically designed.

Concept Microfibre saw steady growth in the years following its foundation. Workforce numbers also grew steadily, as did the number of loyal customers and new markets, including in Europe.

So as to keep up with the constant development of the business, the company moved into much larger and better fit-for-purpose premises in 2014 to continue its growth. (See the section Concept Manufacturing,)

In 2016, “Concept Microfibre” changed its name and took a new direction in line with its strategy.

The company became “Concept Manufacturing Europe”, bringing together its name with that of its own production unit, “Concept Manufacturing China”, a dual-acquisition with its historical American partner Mr Dan Blom, founder and CEO of “Aquastar”, the name of which also changed to “Concept Manufacturing USA”.

The same name now brought together the complementary experiences and expertise of three entities to carry on the tradition of high quality and to continue the adventure by combining their strengths and characteristics.

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