To be fashionable

The company knows a thing or two about the world of professional cleaning and hygiene and analyzing its target markets provide leverage for new projects.

Marketing for the company itself, or as a support for Private Label customers who wish to do so, is an integral part of the very essence of Concept Manufacturing.

These achievements have more recently been broadened to new horizons, such as microfiber towels, or a range dedicated to the GSA, etc...

Aware of the major challenges related to marketing and the resulting communication, Concept Manufacturing Europe has propped up its teams of graphic designers in order to meet the requirements of new media without neglecting traditional vectors such as the written press or trade shows.


Four people work in our fully integrated Communication Department.

This flexibility offers our clients the opportunity to benefit from the reactivity and creativity of a high-performance, ultra-connected communication agency that is up-to-date on all the latest developments in its field.

This department also allows us to adapt our customers' ideas or creations to the requested media: labels, packaging, logos on products, etc.

The Communication Department shares its tools and knowledge with its Chinese and American counterparts, thanks to a multitude of communication means that enrich everyone. This therefore increases the mastering of software tenfold by finding new solutions.